Louvre Type Swivel Shutters & Custom Designed Laser Cut Panels

Louvre Type Swivel Shutters & Custom Designed Laser Cut Panels
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[vc_column_text]R.A.W. Project’s custom designed laser cut panels are an attractive solution which blend art, design and technology.  The panels offer the ultimate in functional application, unique design and artwork.

Our Computer Numerical Control laser machines ensure fast processing and production times, great accuracy, less waste of material, minimal warping and are excellent for cutting varying thicknesses and types of material.

The application of decorative patterns, ranging from geometric shapes to nature inspired fauna and flora, allow our unique panels to breathe life into spaces as natural light and shadows filter through various aspects of the design.

As our laser cut panels are designed to be both aesthetic and practical, and can transform any space into an artwork, they are installed in both residential and commercial buildings and offer a variety of solutions.

Do you have a space in your home or office that requires more privacy?  Or would you like to conceal areas that you’d prefer clients, colleagues or friends not to see?  Consider making use of a laser cut screen, not only will it offer you the privacy you require but it will enhance the space aesthetically.  Screens work perfectly as room dividers too.

Do you need indoor or outdoor shelter from the sun and heat?  Our laser cut ceiling or pergola panels will block out just the right amount of heat and light giving you the opportunity to appreciate all of your spaces throughout the day.  The ceiling and pergola panels look spectacular in the garden as the natural shadows of the plants create movement against the static shadows cast by the decorative installation.  This feature will certainly complement your landscaping and surrounds. We have designed and cut louvre type swivel shutters which are brilliantly functional, lovely to look at and are an art feature in themselves.

Have you seen and fallen in love with our laser cut panels but are not sure how you would make the best use of them?  Well, here are some ideas for you: Staircase railing, balusters or decorative panel inserts, louvre type swivel shutters, security doors and gates, decorative decking panels, fence panels or ornamental pickets, front door inserts, wall art, fireplace screens and log holders, headboards, cupboard door inserts, outdoor lighting screens, driveway and garden gates.

We invite our clients to participate in the design process and you’re welcome to be as involved and as creative as you would like to.  We also have a portfolio of designs which can be used in a variety of different settings. If you would like a custom design drawn up for you, we have a team who can create a range of patterns for you.

If you are a home or business owner, builder, architect, interior designer or artist, please contact us on (044) 874-0264 or alistair@rawprojects.coa to discuss your ideas and requirements.  We look forward to meeting with you and working on the production of your high-quality laser cut panels.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]