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A Message from our managing director

Founded in 1976, R.A.W. Projects has evolved into one of South Africa’s premier Structural Steel and Sheet Metal Manufacturing enterprises. As an industry frontrunner, we deliver superior craftsmanship. Our firm is dedicated to cultivating robust partnerships with our clients. Every product we create is tailored to meet your specifications, aiming to prevent unnecessary expenses on costly purchases.

Alistair Simpson

About R.A.W. Projects

R.A.W. Steel, formerly Simpson Steel Construction since 1976, was founded in 1986. In 2003, R.A.W. Projects took charge of the structural steel aspect. Both companies are experienced in structural steel and sheet metal fabrication, having established strong ties with major contractors. Many standing buildings across the country attest to their successful collaborations.

Complete Solutions

We are a comprehensive steel construction firm excelling in design, manufacturing, and installation services. We seamlessly bring clients’ visions to life with precision, ensuring top-notch quality in every aspect of our work.

R.A.W. Projects News

Bending Supervisor/Programmer 

Bending Supervisor/Programmer 

Duties and responsibilities: Production planning within the bending department. Programming on Bysoft Cam for bending machines. Ensure output parts meet quality requirements. Monitor machinery and able to repair faults. Consult with Management to address manufacturing...

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Precision in Motion: Exploring CNC Laser Cutting

Precision in Motion: Exploring CNC Laser Cutting

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