4000 sqm

Patio Warehouse George

R.A.W. Projects has played a crucial role in the development of the Patio Warehouse located at the Garden Route Mall in George.

Specializing in the manufacturing, supply, and erection of steel frame structures, R.A.W. Projects follows a comprehensive project process. It begins with understanding the client’s vision, guiding the architect’s design, progressing to R.A.W. Projects’ detailing and fabrication, and concluding with the erection of the steel structure.

The steel structure for this project utilized over 100 tonnes of steel across a 4000 square meter area. The expertise and experience of R.A.W. Projects’ in-house draughting team ensured timely delivery and significant cost savings. The manufacturing facilities at R.A.W. Projects enabled the cutting of all gusset plates in-house using Bystronic Laser Cutting machines.

For the design of the steel structure, rolled steel beams were employed to create curves in the building entrance and coffee shop areas, offering natural light and impressive views. The architectural piping facade on the North side adds a visually impactful element.

The Patio Warehouse building stands as a remarkable visual landmark in the expanding city of George, and R.A.W. Projects takes pride in its association with the steel structure.