Patio Warehouse Steel Structure

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R.A.W. Projects has played an integral part in the construction of the new Patio Warehouse at the Garden Route Mall in George.

R.A.W. Projects specialises in the manufacture, supply and erection of steel frame structures. The project process starts with understanding the client’s vision which leads the architect’s design, moving onto RAW Projects’ detailing and fabrication and then finally the erection of the steel structure.

With over 100 tonnes of steel used in the 4000 square meter steel structure our in house draughting team’s expertise and experience in steel structural detailing guaranteed on-time delivery and significant cost savings. R.A.W. Projects’ manufacturing facilities allowed all gusset plates to be cut in house on Bystronic Laser Cutting machines.

The steel structure design employed rolled steel beams to form curves for the building entrance and coffee shop areas. Providing natural light and great views. The architectural piping facade on the North side creates a very strong aesthetic impact.

The Patio Warehouse building is a striking visual landmark in the growing city of George and R.A.W. Projects is proud to have been associated with the steel structure.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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